We’re Not ‘Sixers’

Overheard at a doctrinal debate near you:Not Six

“Based on Scripture, we hold to three plus three—and that works fine for us.”

“So you hold to six, then?”

What? Heavens no! And I’ll thank you to not accuse us of such a thing! We’ve never held to six, never taught six, and never will. Three plus three is as far we go. And we take offense to being associated with ‘Sixers.’ We are NOT Sixers. Remember that, so you don’t misrepresent our position.”

“But you’re not making any sense here: three plus three is six… Isn’t it?”

“No, three and three are not six. That’s a strawman argument, and if you apply that to us, it’s a complete misrepresentation. Just because three plus three is six within your arithmetic-oriented framework doesn’t mean that we have to buy into all that math. We prefer a factual-historical framework; and the facts are that we have three and we have another three; and we are content to leave it at that. Therefore, all rebuttals aimed at six simply do not apply, and are misguided attempts to criticize what we really do not believe at all.”

Ken Hamrick, 2013