You Might Be a Centrist IF…

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By Ken Hamrick

You might be a Centrist IF

  • You’re flabbergasted by all the fuss over the Calvinist/Traditionalist “thing;”
  • You affirm what Scripture affirms, whether or not you can fit it all into a neat, logical system;
  • You find in Scripture that God ultimately determines destinies AND that men must freely choose to reject or believe;
  • You see unconditional election not as a limiting factor in whom may be saved, but as a mysterious correlation to the efforts we expend in the “fields white with harvest;”
  • You believe that the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truth to all whenever the gospel is preached;
  • You hold that unbelief is always sinful and never mere unfortunate ignorance—that God’s truth is not without a testimony even among the unreached who have “exchanged the truth of God for a lie…”
  • You hold that God must generate faith in the sense that He must persuade the averse sinner, but biblical regeneration is rebirth, and no one is born again until they first believe;
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