Toward Theological Reconciliation: Atonement

Also posted at SBC Open Forum and at SBC Voices. by Ken Hamrick What you will find below is neither an argument for the Calvinist view nor one for the Traditionalist view of atonement. Both ends of the spectrum have been asking the wrong questions, and the best perspective transcends that old debate. By emphasizing that Christ stood … Continue reading Toward Theological Reconciliation: Atonement

Expanded SBC Calvinism-Arminianism Spectrum Chart

The chart is intended to represent the spectrum, with those doctrines that are least likely to be held by Calvinists at the top, and those least likely to be held by Traditionalists at the bottom, but with incremental steps toward the middle mapped out. As you move toward the middle of the chart, you find more … Continue reading Expanded SBC Calvinism-Arminianism Spectrum Chart